Frontharvester MT 12 – 150 / MT 12 – 180



For harvesting two rows in front of the tractor (row 1 and 2) the machine is equipped with “diabolo less” intakes. The first web transports the potatoes to a side conveyor belt, that gently places a windrow between the next rows to be harvested. In this way your harvester increases capacity, being able to pick up 4 rows in the same time. Using this system, both harvester and tractor, can always use wide tires.


To quickly to establish transportof  the MT12, it is standard equipped with a hydraulic side shift. 


At a relatively low investment in  this system a significant increase in capacity is achievable.

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic top-link cylinder with pressure regulation
  • Hydraulic system with oil cooler
  • Diabolo-less intake
  • Independant dept adjustment to the tractor by special towed geometric.
  • Hydraulic side-shift 70 cm
  • Dept regulation by steel wheels (Ø 710mm)
  • 4 hydraulic Coulter disks (Ø 910 mm)
  • Different harvesting webs available  40, 44, 50 mm
  • Star agitators mechanically adjustable
  • Hydraulic site- center conveyor belts with tip (610 mm)
  • Contour light incl. beacon light



MT 12-150 MT 12-180
Weight: 1855 kg 1880 kg
Length: 3750 mm 3750 mm
Weith: 2800 mm 3150 mm
High: 1800 mm 1800 mm

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  • Anti rollback flap in harvester channel
  • Shared grubbing scissors
  • Scrapers on discs
  • Double haulm intake rollers(Ø 45cm)
  • Electrically adjustable star agitator
  • Hydraulsich powered eccentric agitators
  • Electronic depth control through skid or wheel
  • Rubber haulm intake rollers
  • Electronic operating unit with a clear display
  • Blickprojector Prisma mirror set TÜV certified
  • ‘SpeedSync’ for automatical speed adjustment of web.

Specification required tractor


  • 120 kW in combination with harvester in normal circumstances.
  • 145 kW in combination with a bunker harvester in normal circumstances.

Front lift:

  • Cat. 3 min. 3,5 ton lift capacity

Necessary hydraulics:

  • 1 free double-valve with floating system and 2 hydraulic couplers

Electronic connection:

  • 12 Volt, 16 Amp.

MT 12 in practice