Change your 2-row into a 4-row harvester!

Front harvesters are available in different models and prepared for 30 – 36 inch (75 – 90 cm) rows. They are equipped with a so called “Diablo-free” intake, combined with large depth control wheels. This means optimal use of the short sieving way of the web(s). Hydraulic driven coulter discs ensure a gradual and trouble-free row intake.


You are not only saving money, but also your soil! Instead of using narrow rowcrop tires, you can always use wide and low pressure tires. Moreover you are halving the number of passes. After harvesting you are looking at only half of your field tracks, not only from your tractor and harvester, but also from your adjacent moving tractor-trailer combination.


What this will bring you, in terms of the current actuality of soil health and structure, needs no further explanation.


Paired to substantial savings on fuel, as well as machine and labour costs per acre, all of this will eventually ‘at the end of the day’ be beneficial to your wallet.

Tolmac frontharvesters are standard equipped with:

  • Hydraulic top-link cylinder with pressure regulation
  •  hydraulic system with oil cooler
  • Diabolo-free intake
  • Independant dept adjustment to the tractor by special towed geometric.
  • Dept regulation by steel wheels (Ø 710mm)
  • 4 hydraulic driven coulter disks (Ø 910 mm)
  • Different harvesting webs available  40, 44, 50 mm
  • Hydraulic side-shift 70 cm (MT 12)
  • Star agitators mechanically adjustable
  • Hydraulic side- center conveyor belts with tip (610 mm)
  • Contour light incl. beacon light

Optionally available:

  • Anti rollback flap in harvester channel
  • 2-piece shares
  • Scrapers on discs
  • Double haulm intake rollers(Ø 45cm)
  • Electrically adjustable star agitator
  • Hydraulic powered eccentric agitators
  • Electronic depth control through skid or wheel
  • Rubber haulm removing rollers
  • Electronic operating unit with a clear display
  • Blickprojector Prisma mirror set TÜV certified
  • ‘SpeedSync’ for automatical speed adjustment of web.

MT 12 – 150 / MT 12 – 180

To be used in combination with an offset bunker- or overloader harvester. The machine is equipped with unique “diabolo free” intakes. The 2 rows in front of the tractor (row 1 and 2) are harvested and transported to a tipped side conveyor belt, that gently places a windrow between the next rows to be harvested (row 3 and 4). In this way your harvester increases capacity, being able to pick up 4 rows in the same time. For putting the MT 12 in transport mode it’s standard equipped with hydraulic side shift. With this harvesting system, both harvester and tractor, are always able to use wide tires.


MT 14 – 75 / MT 14 – 85H

This front harvester works in combination with conventional centerline harvester systems. The machine is equipped with “diabolo-free” intakes. It harvests the two rows left and right of the tractor (row 1 and 4).

The first web transfer the potatoes onto two centre conveyor belts,

gently placing the crop in a windrow between the next rows (row 2 and 3) to be harvested. In this way your harvester increases its capacity, being able to pick up 4 rows at the same time. Using this system, both harvester and tractor, can always use wide tires. Hydraulic width adjustment is optional available (MT 14  85)